Getting Great Equestrian Books

Becoming an equestrian takes more hands-on learning than book reading. However, getting great equestrian books would definitely help you on your way. Books, after all, are time-tested ways to pass on knowledge from those who have it to those who need it. Today, there are a lot of different books floating around. How exactly do you choose which book to buy?

1) Look for expertise – a great equestrian book should be written by a great equestrian. It is said that you cannot judge a book by its cover. However, you might want to check the back cover of a book for the name of the author before you buy it. If you want knowledge on how to become a great equestrian, you might want to check out if the source of that knowledge is reliable.

Expertise is pretty hard to judge. There are certain “greats” in the world of horse riding but who would not be able to pass the knowledge on to other people. Because of this, you should still be the one to tell whether or not the author has the ability to show you how to become a great equestrian.

2) Judge your own knowledge – looking for the “best” equestrian book requires that you first examine yourself. How much do you actually know? What do you think you still need to know? It is impossible for a book to cover everything about a subject in full detail. You need to examine yourself and find out what you truly need.

The main purpose of buying a book is to gain knowledge. What knowledge would you gain from a book if it contains nothing that you do not know already?

3) Check your budget – of course, books can be quite pricey. Because of this, you might want to check your budget before buying a book. The Internet today provides a lot of information regarding every subject and you can use this as an alternative. However, if you truly want to make sure of the knowledge you gain, a book is your best chance. You might want to start saving up your money, then.

4) Research – before buying a book, you might want to make sure that it actually contains something you can use. You could try borrowing a copy. This will allow you to skim through the book and get the information you need. If this is not possible, you might just want to research on the Internet regarding what the book is all about. You can read reviews, check out ratings and recommendations in order to see if the book is really worth the investment.

Research plays a key role in making great buys. Just make sure that you have an idea of what a book is all about before buying it. George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, for example will not be able to help you in raising horses.

5) Read – a book is useless if you do not read it. Just buying an equestrian book does not make you more knowledgeable in matters pertaining to horses. You need to actually utilize the resource. A lot of people make the assumption that if they have the book, they will be able to consult it any time they need a bit of knowledge. This is wrong. You need to learn as much as you can from the book.


Green Tea Diet Facts

teaMore and more are exhibiting likeness of green tea. Some are already incorporating it into their diet. How do people see green tea? It’s a miracle drug that can enhance youthfulness, beauty, and a strong and healthy body. It is also considered as the protector of the human body from numerous diseases. For the fitness world, it serves as an agent in losing weight. These are just some of the benefits of having green tea diet.

Working out a natural diet

By incorporating at least 3 cups of green tea in your meal daily, you are enhancing a more balanced diet. Together with exercise, green tea has turned out to be more effective than ever. There is no such thing as how many servings every meal can green tea be incorporated. No exact doses. Just one cup every breakfast, lunch, dinner and even during midnight snacks is sufficient enough to be part of your daily diet.

Green tea preserves all its important compounds like antioxidants because it is brewed and not fermented, It is advisable to drink green tea while it’s still hot because live antioxidants are very prominent and its valuable nutritional affects are also preserved. It’s better to purchase and brew loose green tea leaves than the bottled or powdered ones because they are not as effective as brewing.

Black tea versus green tea
Black tea is not similar to green tea at all. While green tea is typically brewed, black tea is fermented. The fermentation process of black tea tends to eliminate the important vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to health. Therefore, it is concluded that green tea is proven to be more effective than black tea.

Green tea diet benefits

• Reduce the risk for hypertension and high blood pressure

• Destroy free radicals

• Maintain healthy fluid and electrolyte balance that can help relieve fatigue and stress

• Lower increased amount of cholesterol level

• Toxin prevention in the liver

• Antiviral and antibacterial properties

• Reduce incidences of cancer in parts of the body like colon, pancreas, esophagus, rectum, bladder and stomach by up to sixty percent

• Increased metabolism

• Strengthen immune system

• Stops thrombosis formation which is the cause for heart attacks

Caffeine content

Thoughts about the caffeine content in green tea have bothered and quite alarmed avid drinkers of the beverage. Although, there are ways to lessen the caffeine content in your green tea by adjusting yourself in the effects and observing the tolerance of your body.

Warning on green tea caffeine

• If you have a medical condition or you’re pregnant, be sure to consult your physician first before consuming the beverage.

• Drink moderately. Caffeine is not the only thing that can do negative effects when increased. Higher concentration of polyphenols can damage the kidney and liver. Don’t drink 8-10 cups of green tea a day. That can be very harmful especially if you have a low tolerance level. The more acceptable intake is at least 3-4 cups a day.

• Don’t be fooled by energy drinks made from green tea. Aside from diminished or very less antioxidants, energy drinks have high sugar content. Drinks like these have already undergone a lot of processes that may lose important nutrients upon reaching your body.

Homosexuality and the Bible

We constantly hear phrases that God loves the sinner but hates the sin. We know of churches trying desperately to repeat and act on that mantra. God, indeed, may be able to make the distinction between the sinner and the sin, but the rest of us find that more difficult. That seems to be especially true when it comes to the topic of homosexuality. It’s easy to understand why people would think God is a homophobe, since there are both Old and New Testament references to homosexuality as some form of “abomination” before the Lord. [e.g., Lev. 18:22, 20:13; I Cor. 6:9.]

To read and digest the Bible we must understand several things: the mind and situation of the writer; the mind and situation of the audience; and the message the writer was trying to communicate. Having understood that, we can begin to strip away the external “trappings” of the writer (e.g., those elements of the Old Testament text that clearly belong in the late Bronze Age or of the New Testament text that clearly belong to the early first century Christian Era) and concentrate on the true underlying message.

In short, the writers of biblical literature were people of their times and it shows.
In the Old Testament the whole concept of eternal life was understood as the growth and survival of one’s clan or progeny. Similar to the early cultures of our Native Americans, it was the tribe or clan that was the integral unit of society – not the individual. Preservation of the tribe was paramount. A man refusing to procreate with a woman threatened the tribe. Additionally, homosexuality was predominately (if not exclusively) cast in male terms. The Patriarchal nature of the social structure was, by our standards, very demeaning for women, who were not much better than chattel property. If a man preferred another man, who would marry someone’s daughter and furnish a good dowry? That was a scary thought.

There is nothing said, biblically, about women sexually preferring other women. It wasn’t a threat to the male-dominated social structure. Women could not alter their social status. Husbands could and did rape their wives to produce offspring. The tribe or clan would continue to survive. Homosexuality among males, however, contained the potential to threaten the survival of the clan. Consequently, it was condemned.

During the time of the New Testament, only the top 1-2% of the people in the Hellenistic (Greek) culture of Roman society were wealthy enough to afford slaves and have the leisure time to indulge in pleasure just for the sake of pleasure – we call it hedonism today – or to maintain a homosexual relationship. The concept of a committed, long-term, homosexual relationship, as we know it today, was virtually unheard of in the days of the Bible. In Romans 1:18-27, a passage often quoted by anti-homosexuals, the Apostle Paul was clearly referring to this very upper social class that worshipped man-made gods. Paul railed against homosexuality because it was a symbol of Greco-Roman encroachment and much of its accompanying hedonism. Prostitution, both female and male, and homosexuality were quite common among the most elite of the population.

“They were the only segment of the people who had the time and money to indulge themselves. It was a terrible affront to the moral Greco-Roman family man as well as to the pious Jew. It was enjoyment for enjoyment’s sake—hedonism—something only available to the “idle rich.” Additionally, there certainly was an aspect of the Greek culture that adored the beauty of the human body, both male and female, and the cultural/sexual reverberations that went with that. Just as there are “meat markets” (gay and heterosexual) in our society that are shunned by many in both the gay and straight communities, that form of hedonism existed in the Greek culture as well. Paul railed against that. He was not railing against a gay or lesbian lifestyle, with commitment, nurturing, caring—albeit between same-sex partners. That lifestyle was generally unheard of in the first century. It basically didn’t exist. It was simply unaffordable, thus undoable, for 99 percent of the populace.” (How the Bible became the Bible, p. 108).

We also have to keep in mind that Paul was writing in the firm belief that the end of the world and the permanent coming of the kingdom of heaven was – literally – just around the corner. (“What I mean, my friends, is this. The time we live in will not last long. While it lasts, married men should be as if they had no wives; mourners should be as if they had nothing to grieve them, the joyful as if they did not rejoice; buyers must not count on keeping what they buy, nor those who use the world’s wealth on using it to the full. For the whole frame of this world is passing away.” I Cor. 7: 29-31 NEB).

Paul railed against homosexuality and other things, such as adultery, drunkenness, greed, loose-living, and gluttony, primarily as acts of hedonism. His message? We need to stop doing these things and we must stop now. After all, the kingdom of heaven is upon us. We must also remind ourselves that Paul assigned more ink against adultery, swindling, and drunkenness than he did to homosexuality.

We continue, as well, to condemn hedonism in our society today. When we rail against sex just for the pleasure of sex (outside of marriage), we call it going to “meat-market” bars or clubs – places to pick up people for sexual pleasure – and this condemnation includes both homosexual and heterosexual “meat markets.” It is demeaning. It is dehumanizing. It is unsafe.

What can we conclude from this? Those today decrying homosexuality and citing biblical references to buttress their position are doing so more as an act of their homophobia than as an exposition of biblical knowledge. To truly follow Paul, they should be decrying adultery, greed, and gluttony more often and with as much gusto as they decry than homosexual relations.


Body Painting with Women

Artists find the body of women as an intriguing and unique subject matter, well, this genereally gets the approval of a lot of men, artist or not. Because of this, body painting with women subjects has become popular especially in today’s times. There is even a festival for body painting and painters from all over the world are looking forward to join these events.

Body painting is considered a delicate art form. In fact, this kind of painting was developed many years ago. Tribes of our yesteryears performed body painting during special ceremonies. Some tribes do body painting merely for aesthetic purposes. However, our ancestors did not use paints like the ones sold in markets today. They used natural pigments and clay to do body painting.

Today, body painting is still being practiced, particularly with Mehndi. This body painting form makes use of henna dyes and this is very popular in the western countries. An example is a semi-permanent henna tattoo.

During the 1960’s, body painting was very popular as an art form. Back then, the social acceptability of this art form was always in question and in fact, experts conduct endless discussions about it. More often, body painting involves nudity and because of this, the art form is questioned by the norms of the society.

In body painting, you don’t just use any kind of paint. The use of body paints is restricted to some guidelines – the paint should be non-allergenic and non-toxic. Artists should only use paints that can be easily washed with water and ordinary soaps.

As mentioned earlier, there are semi-permanent body paints like those used in Mehndi. It uses natural and synthetic henna. The natural shade is available in brown color while the synthetic is black. For safe body painting, one should use the natural henna or the brown dye. If you use the black synthetic dye, allergic reactions can occur. However, if you want to use the black dye, a patch test should first be conducted to make sure that it is safe to be used by the subject.

So now you know a bit of body painting’s background. If you want to practice body painting, you can enroll in certain classes. Presently, nudity in works of art is but natural. It is more acceptable now unlike many years ago. Women are no longer ashamed to be used as subjects in body painting. Besides, most women are paid with huge sums of money with a single session.

For starters, you should practice body painting with someone that you’re comfortable with. A friend or even a loved one can do but it will be a lot easier if you practice in a class so that you don’t have to worry about the woman subject you need.

Body painting is a special kind of art that requires years of practice before you can become an expert in the field. While you’re still in the learning process, you have to continue your research. The internet can provide you with all the resources you need. You simply have to spend enough time to research and study so that you will know all the valuable information you need.

You should be open to the possibility of nude body painting with women subjects. Your mind should be free from inhibitions so that you too can create a beautiful work of art. In time, you will be ready to join the festival for body painting where your skills can be recognized all over the world.

3 Critical Truths About P2P File Sharing Networks

If you’re confused about file sharing networks, and the hazards involved, you’re not alone.

musicMany people looking for for free downloading networks online have unanswered questions about p2p sites and RIAA lawsuit risks. So here are crucial facts and important information you need to know about p2p file sharing sites – before using them!

– File Sharing Download Truth #1: File sharing networks are extremely controversial.

Although file sharing applications have been ruled legal in a court of law, controversy lies in the fact that file sharing software can be used illegally. How? Anytime a user of a p2p software program downloads or shares copy-righted material they are breaking the law.

The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is on an active campaign to track down and sue file sharers who are breaking copy right infringement laws. And in more recent developments, the RIAA has sent letters to p2p networks demanding them to “immediately cease-and-desist from enabling and inducing the infringement of RIAA member sound recordings.”

The RIAA is very serious about finding and suing people who are breaking copy-right infringement laws. It’s strongly advised to take the lawsuit risks very seriously yourself BEFORE using a free file sharing download site.

– File Sharing Download Truth #2: The only way to get 100% legal music is with the “legitimately licensed” music sites.

It’s true. Legitimately licensed sites are Internet-based services that provide downloads of music legally licensed from established record labels and the artists themselves.

This combined partnership between the music industry and the legal music sites, (like Napster, iTunes & Emusic) guarantees you 100% legal music downloads. In comparison, when using p2p file sharing software it’s almost (if not completely) impossible to stay legal while using the file sharing program. Why?

Legal file sharing is only possible by following and complying with ALL relevant copyright laws. This means that when using a file sharing application, in order to stay legal, you must never publicly share, reproduce or distribute copy-righted material – ever!

Therefore, the only way to stay safe and avoid being targeted by the RIAA is by researching the copyright laws for each and every song BEFORE you download and/or publicly share the song online. Besides the fact that this research would be extremely time-consuming, it’s also virtually impossible to do successfully.

– File Sharing Download Truth #3: File sharing networks can threaten your online privacy and security.

Although many file sharing applications are free, they make money by adding “adware” into the p2p software program.

Adware is software that works by large media companies offering shareware developers banner ads to put in their products. In return, the media companies provide the software developers a portion of the revenue generated from the banner sales.

And when done properly, adware is considered win-win. You’ll get the file sharing software download for free, and the software developer will still get income for their product.

However, many file sharing networks also include potentially dangerous spying programs into their software programs as a way to make more money. “Spyware” is a generic term describing any software that secretly sneaks around in the back-round of your computer (usually without your permission or knowledge) gathering information and performing activities hidden to you.

Spyware is a big risk to your online security and privacy, and can cause serious damage to your computer by exposing you to dangerous viruses, worms, malware and online hackers. Don’t get me wrong, making money online is not a bad thing. However, many file sharing download programs fail to disclose critical information and lawsuit risks about the use of their sharing software programs.

To Sum Up:

It’s extremely important that you get all the facts about file sharing networks, including the risks involved, before using a any p2p program.

By learning all you can about how p2p file sharing download networks work, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which music download solution is right for you. And remember, there are many quality legal music sites available for you to choose from that offer cheap music downloads.


Children Traveling alone for the Holidays

Due to the number of non-traditional families in our society, it is common for custody agreements to require children to travel over the holidays to be with the other parent. This is an issue that many parents have to deal with in the best way possible. If the parents live in close proximity they can easily drive them to the agreed upon destination. If the divorce is amicable it may even be possible for each parent to drive half way for the exchange of the children.

However, it isn’t always possible for parents to be able to do this for one reason or another and that means that children will end up traveling alone for the holidays. You want to make this as smooth of a process for them as you possibly can. Make sure you talk to your child about the process and they know exactly what will be taking place. It is important that you talk to them about not going with strangers for any reason while they are traveling alone for the holidays.

Make sure you pack your child plenty of activities for them to entertain themselves during the flight. It is a good idea to pack them drinks and snacks too in case they get hungry. Never leave your child until they have boarded the type of transportation they are taking. If there is a layover or a cancellation they will be left alone.

If possible send your child with a cell phone they can use in the case of emergencies. You should also pack a list of contact phone numbers with them and any medical information that could be useful in the event of an accident. Avoid placing children who are flying alone for the holidays on those flights that have layovers if you can help it. In the event that it is necessary make sure a flight attendant will be escorting them to that location.

The safest mode of transportation for you child if they are traveling alone to visit the other parent for the holidays is to book them a flight. It may be more expensive but you will be more confident about them going alone. If possible don’t send your child alone on a flight if they have never been on an airplane before. The stress of it can be too much for them to handle.

Let the airline know at the time of booking that your child will be traveling alone. They will keep a close eye on the child during the flight and find out who they have to be delivered to at the airport. This person will need to have their photo ID with them even if the child knows them in order to follow safety procedures. Most airlines consider a minor to be traveling alone for the holidays if they are between 5 and 15 years of age. Younger children aren’t allowed to travel alone.

It is against the rules for children under 8 years of age to travel alone on Amtrak. Those between the ages of 8 and 15 may travel alone as long as it is not an overnight trip. They must reach their destination no later than 9 pm. The child isn’t allowed to transfer trains either or to get off at any locations other than the one printed on their ticket.

The child will be interviewed by a staff member when they are brought to the train station. If the child doesn’t appear to be mature enough to travel alone they will not be allowed on the train and the ticket price will be refunded. If they are allowed to board the parent must sign a waiver releasing Amtrak from all liability. The child will be issued a wristband so that all staff members will know they are traveling alone.

Greyhound doesn’t allow children under 8 years of age to travel alone either. This isn’t an option at all of the bus ride is more than 250 miles at Greyhound has that limit on the number of miles a child can be on the bus. To get off for any reason at a rest area or bus stop the child must be accompanied by the bus driver. They are also required to sit in the seat immediately behind the bus driver.

An All Fruit Diet

fruit dietAlmost all fasting diets such as juice, and water fasting demands people not to intake any food at all while fasting to guarantee the good results of the cleansing. However, this shuts the digestive system in the process which usually makes our body into a decreased metabolism-state to save the energy sources. The fruit fasting diet plan is a good alternate diet for those trying to eliminate toxins out of themselves and drop some weight while checking for a secure method of doing so.

The fruit fasting diet plan is a 3-day diet plan that requires eating fruits inside a couple of hours. It is a form of detoxification wherein the toxins that result from chemicals from overly processed meals and unnatural ingredients are cleansed from your body as it is relieved off the burden of digesting other foods. The high water and fiber content of the fruits are perfect for this job while the body grows into weight loss mode. With this diet, you can immediately lose 9-10 pounds within just 3 days. Another thing that makes fruit fasting diet program distinctive from other fasting diet plans is that requires the consumption of lean protein to free the body’s muscle and assist burn fat while the body is in cleansing.

Basically the fruit fasting diet consists of a day of ingesting only protein shakes then a couple of straight days of consuming fresh fruit every two hours with a dinner of uncooked veggies and lean protein or protein shake. Milk products, caffeine, tea, coffee, alcohol, sodas, starches, cooked vegetables, sweets, juices, and fats will not be permitted to be eaten during this diet. Throughout the very first day, you should consume a 6-ounce protein shake accompanied by 8-12 ounces of water every 2 hours, from eight in the morning right up until 4 in the afternoon. In the second and third day, the protein shake is replaced by a serving of new fruit with about 100 calories’ worth with 8-12 ounces of water. As for the dinner throughout the three days, it is made up of three cups of raw vegetable salad with half of lime or lemon, half flaxseed, and half avocado 3-6 ounces of lean protein or egg whites, or a protein drink should also be included